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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Book Review: "Yes, Sir" by Ellis Carrington

Yes, Sir
By Ellis Carrington

A New Orleans vacation takes an interesting turn when Grayson Harper lets a friend drag him along to see a voodoo priestess for a love spell. Suddenly he’s having very vivid dreams about a mystery man that seem all too real, and doing things in them he never thought possible. But what will become of the man of his dreams once he leaves the magic of the French quarter?

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Viviana's Review: 
We've all heard it before "Let go of the past" or "Try something new" or "How do you know you won't like it until you try", etc. In "Yes, Sir", Grayson is a man who is always in control both in his work and personal life. Actually, he doesn't have much of a personal life because he's a workaholic. While in New Orleans on vacation with his friends a visit to a voodoo shop changes everything!

The dreams he begins to have take on a life of their own! He can't explain it. They seem so real! The heat! The passion! The lust! The hands of the mystery man roaming his body and the pleasure he feels submitting to his master are real. Yes, the man who has always been in control has not only submitted but is enjoying this new exploration! Yet, he is alone in his hotel room, awaking from a dream. 

While the story is short, it provides you with a sense of completion. You're not left hanging! You get that ending but you will end up wanting to know more. 

Rating: 4 Stars - Loved It

Note: I received "Yes, Sir" to provide a fair and honest review. 

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  1. I have this on my kindle from forever ago. I might have to give it a go! Thanks for the review.