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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Book Review: The Officer Breaks The Rules (Semper Fi #2) by Jeanette Murray

The Officer Breaks The Rules 
(Semper Fi #2)
By Jeanette Murray 

Captain Jeremy Phillips believes in doing his duty...both as a son and as a friend. This means that he should obey the "friend code" and stay away from his best friend's little sister. Too bad Madison O'Shay doesn't believe in his code and is ready to break all of the rules

As a Navy nurse, Madison is finally stationed next to the man she's been dreaming about for years. And she's ready to launch a full-scale attack to show this thoughtful, handsome Marine that they belong together.

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Viviana's Review:
Jeanette Murray (Author) set up Jeremy's and Madison's story in book 1 "The Office Says I Do". I knew they were going to be the focused of the next book and I couldn't wait! I will say that though this is part of a series, it can be read as a stand alone without any problems. 

Per the blurb, you know that Jeremy is trying to "do the right thing" by staying away from his best friend's younger sister, Madison and that she has been, well, let's not kid ourselves, she's been in love with him since she was 16 yrs old (when they first met). Now she's 26 years old and tired of the bantering back and forth, the tension that they both feel when they are in a room together and the shiver down her spine when she catches him watching her.

The tension between these two is, like wow! There's passion, emotional connection and a physical attraction that is magnetic! Literally, these two cannot stay away from each other. The author does a fantastic job of conveying the emotions of both Jeremy and Madison without making either of them sound like a jerk or a whiny and meek woman. On the contrary, you fall in love with both of them!

This is a wonderful story and continuation to a great series! Now I'm looking forward to getting my hands on "The Officer and the Secret (Semper Fi #3)"!

Rating: 4 Stars - Love It!

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  1. This is such a terrific series! I was hooked in Book 1, "Officer Says 'I Do'" and really wanted to learn more about all of Jeanette's yummy Marines and their leading ladies. Great characters, hot sex and deep emotions in all three books. Loved the series!
    Thank you,