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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Book Review: Eternal Beauty (Mark of the Vampire #4.5) by Laura Wright

Eternal Beauty
(Mark of the Vampire, 4.5)
By Laura Wright


He is captivated by the one who saved him from death—until he finds out who she is…

When his lover is murdered by evil vampire-beast, Cruen, the grief-stricken Synjon Wise believes his life over. Enraged, he flashes her away to a remote spot in South America to give his beloved’s body a proper burial. But when the sun blazes overhead and takes her body before his eyes, Synjon’s mind completely unravels. Mad with the need to join her, he walks into the sun a morphed male, prepared to die.

He awakens to find himself amongst a breed known as Shifters. As he is nursed back to health by Petra, who saved his life, Synjon feels no gratitude—only anger and guilt that he is still alive. But this female is strong and refuses to let Syn waste away. For the bond that will form between them will be enduring: as nurse and patient, male and female, savior and saved.

Betrayer and betrayed…

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Viviana's Review:
I read on the plane right to the RT Convention a few weeks ago. I knew it was a novella, but man I wanted more!! Laura continues to bring the sexiness and alpha males along for the ride!!
Synjon was a character that from his first appearance had me intrigued. My heart ached and broke when tragedy struck. He was already a damaged man, now he's a broken man! He's given up!

Petra see the damaged and broken man and refuses to let him give up! She will fight for him even if doesnt' fight for himself. The connection is instant. The tension is there from the start.  She doesn't quiet understand why that is.

As they get to know each other, the learn about themselves as well and a secret will teat them apart.

Laura has laid out the foundation perfectly for a spin-off series for the MOTV if she decides to head in that direction and if not, the series continues to bring fresh and exciting stories and characters.

This is a novella that falls between book 4 "Eternal Beast" and book 5 "Eternal Demon" and is a prequel to book 6 "Eternal Sin" where we see what happens to Synjon & Petra, so I would suggest reading it in order if not at the very least before book 6. :)

Rating: 4 Stars - I Loved It!

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