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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Book Review: All Over You (Devoured 0.5) by Emily Snow

All Over You
(Devoured 0.5)

By Emily Snow


Before Sienna was devoured, before Lucas was consumed, they were all over each other . . .

Lucas Wolfe is used to getting what he wants—from everyone but one person, that is—so when he meets the wardrobe assistant hired to work his band’s newest video, he’s got to have her. From the moment Sienna first obediently whispers “Yes, Mr. Wolfe”, he knows she’s perfect for him. 

Three days. 

And he’ll have her stripped down and bound to his bed.

Set two years before the events of DEVOURED, ALL OVER YOU is the story of Sienna and Lucas’s first encounter.

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Viviana's Review: 

I began reading "Devoured" when I read somewhere that there was a pre-qual novella that would "explain" certain things in "Devoured" allowing you to better connect with characters and understand their perspective. "Devoured" got closed and "All Over You" was downloaded. 

"All Over You" was a quick read, but did provide you with some insight of what's to come and I can totally see why it was suggested to read this first before diving into "Devoured". 

Lucas is a rock star who no one says "no" to. He knows what he wants and takes it. Yup, you read right, takes it and that's because the women want to be taken and those in the industry want the money he's generating. Enter Sienna. While she finds Lucas "hot and sexy" she doesn't 'jump on him' like the other women do. She keeps her wits about her and focuses on why she's on the set. She's there to work! Lucas not being used to this sort of reaction intrigues him (of course!) and thus the chasing begins. She finally agrees to go out on a date with him. Their interactions and the date all combine to create the chemestry the have as well as getting to know each of them as an individual. Both have pasts that they have to deal with in the present which also leads to the events in "Devoured" (trying not to give spoilers). 

I was happily surprised! Sienna wasn't weak minded, or meek. While she did have the hots for Lucas (and who wouldn't considering how he was described)she had self worth and didn't allow him to walk all over her! 

If you've already read "Devoured", I suggest reading "All OVer You" as it will help fill in some of the blanks (from what I'm told since I haven't finished reading "Devoured" as of yet). From what I have read, I can see where reading this novella before will definately assist you enjoying "Devoured" to the fullest. 

Happy Reading!

Rating: 3.5 Stars - I Really Liked It

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