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Monday, February 18, 2013

From Book to Movie: Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

We've all heard it and I'm sure we have definitely made the statement ourselves
"The book is better than the movie"

Will say that this is usually the case. About 99.5% of the time this will be the case. 
I'm hoping that in one particular movie that is scheduled to be made will actually be better than the book, but lets not go there at this time, okay. LOL.

As Hollywood continues to make movies based on books, which I personally believe its better then them remaking films. However, no one wants to see a book they like butchered! Fingers crossed that this trend is filled with successful adaptations!

Hubby took me to see
"Safe Haven"

I am a Nicholas Sparks fan. I've read all the books and he's an autobuy (I do however, wait til its available in the library to read first or on SALE!). I really enjoyed Safe Haven as it had a new twist compared to his previous books. No worries, no spoilers here!

I liked the movie. The kids stole the show. Especially Mimi Kirkland who plays "Lexie"! She's absolutely adorable!!! It was beautifully shot, showcasing the location (in the book its North Carolina). It did a decent job of telling the story.

Comparing the movie to the book: I wish they would have included "Jo" more than they did. She plays such an important role in this story and I don't believe the movie gave the audience that information. Then again, would someone that didn't read the book and saw the movie think it was important? Perhaps not. However, for those that have, well, at least for me (since I don't want to speak for anyone else) I think it would have made for a significantly better movie!

I also wished the movie included more information or details on Katie's past to truly understand her fears and reasons for keeping her past a secret. In the movie, they lead you to believe its about one thing when its truly about another. Again, can't say more without including spoilers.

With any movie adaptation,we know things will be changed and that not everything can fit into a two hour film.  I know this! However, I still wish and can wish that they would have done more to truly do the book more justice. Alas, I know. I've learned not to make these types of comparisons as well as to allow myself to enjoy the movie for what it is - entertainment.

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