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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!! My reflection on 2012!

Another year has flown by and we'll look back to reflect, wonder what the heck we were thinking, wishing we would have done more, and sigh. 2012 was a great year for me as I got to meet many wonderful people who have helped me find my passion and given me that extra push, I mean support, to feel like I can accomplished anything I set my sights on! 

Though there were several "Highlights" and great moments in 2012, 
I'd like to share with you what started it all for me....

April 2012 - RT Book Love Convention, Chicago, IL

Let me begin with saying that this was my FIRST EVER trip all by myself! Just my BFF and I! No family, significant other or school trip!

That's me! Being brave! And not looking down! :)

We had a blast exploring Chicago each day after we attended numerous seminars at the convention!

But it wasn't all work and no play! 

Hanging out before heading to a party!
This is where and when we noticed that there was a large number of
 "good looking male bodies" arriving. 
Turns out they were the cover models and were arriving as the next day they had a few events! 

Party TIME!!!
This was 1 of the many activities at the convention!


This by the way, was TOTALLY my BFF's idea!
 I'm the "behind the camera" girl. 
She was not having it!   

This was fun - be part of the book cover!!

More Chicago Exploring!!

 I'm not a sports fan - but BFF is and we just HAD to go take pictures at Wrigley Field.
Two train rides and 1 bus ride, we arrived as a game was ending. Took about a dozen pictures and turned right around back to the city! 

I've never seen a Macy's that big! 9 FLOORS!!

My Main Reason for attending the RT Convention was also my favorite part of the trip -
J. R. Ward

J.R. Ward and her critic partner, Jessica Anderson were a blast to listen to and watch! 
They have a great dynamic and feed off each other! 

Here's an article from RT Book Lovers on J.R. Ward attending the convention

 They had a freaking "Curse Jar"!
You cursed, 
you placed a $1 in the jar!
J.R. Ward ran out of money, good thing her mom was in the crowd to lend her some!!

For those who are J.R. Ward fans or want to learn more, there are several videos on YouTube from conventions she's attended and interviews she's done.
Here is Part 1 of the "No Hold Barred" session with J.R. Ward & Jessica Anderson.
There are multiple parts/videos but you can follow them all easily!!
Be Aware that there may spoilers for those who have not read all of the books!

There there was the MASSIVE BOOK SIGNING!! I was in line at 5:30am and was #7 in the line! 
I only wanted 1 Author's Signature! Can you guess which one? 

My BFF getting her book signed by J.R. Ward and she had one of mine as well.
What? There was a limit of 3 books per person to bring in to the Book Signing and I had 4 that I wanted signed and she only had 1.  I think that's more than fair!! LOL!!!! 
Funny thing was that J.R. Ward began signing my book with my BFF's name...... she caught it in time to "fix it" but J.R. Ward wasn't having it. She ripped the cover of my book and throw it over her shoulder nearly missing her body guard's head! Gave me a brand new book which she addressed to me. 

 Here (above) she's signing my copy of "Lover Reborn"!
Remember how I told you she gave me a new book? Well, I when I went to leave, they checked all of our books against the "black light stamp" that were placed on the books we brought in with us to differentiate from those that were to be purchased from the Book Signing. Yup! The one she gave me didn't have the black light stamp. I told the security guy what happened and asked him to please confirm w/ J.R. Ward as I was sure I would be the only Viviana she autographed a book for and that should would remember almost hitting her security guy. He radio someone to check with J.R. Ward to confirm. 
Almost 25 mins later, another guy comes back and confirms my story!
Not only did I get to meet the lovely and wonder J.R. Ward, I also had my very own story/moment! 

 The Chicago trip was one that I will never forget! 
It provided me with the opportunity to spread my wings and the confidence to put myself out there! 

Another highlight of 2012 was this blog!
Would have never started my own blog if it wasn't for Dana!
She has been my cheerleader, my mentor, my coach, my friend and
that much needed shove off the cliff at times! 

Viviana, Enchantress of Books launched on Oct. 1, 2012
90 posts, 413 comments, close to 200 followers and a FB Page later its still going strong! 

LOTS of new things coming in 2013!!
New Books!!
New Tours!!!
New Authors To Share!!!
New Endeavors and Projects!!!!!
And LOTS of FUN!!!!!!!!!!




  1. Wow! What a great year, Vivi! I'm so happy we became fast friends, I'd like to say it's all the things we have in common, but the truth has to be our Latina connection. Some things can not be explained. LOL I look forward to 2013, I can't wait to see all your new projects unfold. More fun to come!

  2. Hopping through. I went to BEA last year. Total year highlight. I'd like to go to it again or maybe RT or ALA.
    My Hop