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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Book Review: Santa's Executive by Carrie Ann Ryan

Santa's Executive
(Holiday, Montana bk #2)
By Carrie Ann Ryan


Justin Cooper wasn’t always the straight-laced Holiday Elementary School principal. In his youth, he broke all the rules and enjoyed being the bad Cooper brother. One Christmas Eve night he got a little too rowdy and things changed forever. Now the consequences of that fateful night have come back in full force and the myths of Christmas might be more real than he thought.

Rina Brewer is one of Santa’s elves. Not the tiny cute little toy maker, but the sexy, petite, energy filled bombshell kind. She’s come to Holiday to aid Justin in his new role as Santa’s executive, but as soon as she sees the sexy ex-bad boy, she realizes the job may be more than she bargained for.

As they work together to make this Christmas one to remember, an old foe has come to town to make sure that this holiday is the coldest yet.

Warning: Contains a perky elf who dreams of something more, a Christmas myth who may be a baddie, and a sexy ex-bad boy who craves Christmas cookies…and a certain perky blonde.

Available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Viviana's Review:
Carrie Ann Ryan did it again. Created a great story with witty, sexy and charismatic characters that will keep you wanting more! Though part of the "Holiday, Montana" series, "Santa's Executive" can be read as a stand alone book. However, why would you want to. The first book "Charmed Spirits" was fantastic and you can see the review here. "Santa's Executive" continues the trend!

Its the holiday season and everyone is getting reading. Turns out Justin is preparing by baking Christmas cookies. Lots and lots of yummy Christmas cookies. He can't figure out where this recent craving for Christmas cookies came from until a sexy and way to adorable elf shows up on his front porch.

Rina isn't happy with her current job. She wants more out of life and knows she is more than capable to be an assistant  When she realized that one of Santa's Executive has not only not been trained but hasn't been told at all of his responsibilities, Rina takes it upon herself to ensure Christmas isn't ruined.

There's that needed tension between Justin and Rina that makes for great chemistry and yummy steamy scenes. Will say that it seemed like Carrie Ann held back some of the steaminess compared to her previous book, but then again, being its a Christmas themed story, I don't blame her. Still steamy enough for all you to enjoy.

I couldn't wait for the next installment in the series and was not disappointed. Carrie Ann does a fantastic job in creating the world and characters of Holiday, Montana. We did get a glimpse of some of the other characters from the previous book and was glad to learn more about this particular Cooper brother! Oh, and there are several moments where I was lol! Love the humor in this series! All I'm going to say is I have a new curse word "Peppermint Balls"!! Brilliant! You'll see what I mean if you haven't read the the book (uhm, you have gotten it at least, right?) yet and for those that have, am I right?

An adorable Christmas read to put you into the holiday spirits!

Rating: 3.5 Stars - Really, Really Liked It! 

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