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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dannika Dark's Mageri Series

The Mageri Series

The fabulous Dannika Dark, author of the "Mageri Series"  has provided us with the gorgeous Justus's character profile for the Blog Launch Party! But wait, there's more! She's also giving away a set of Mageri Key Chains (more info on that later!)! 

However, before we get to Justus (sorry, promise this will be quick), book 3 in the series "Impulse" will be released soon! I know fans of the series cannot wait and if you haven't read the first two books, you have time so hurry the heck up!! With that said, I had asked Dannika if she would share a snippet of "Impulse" with all of us. 

 Impulse Snippet: 
“I’m still mad at you,” I said in an unconvincing voice.
“Fire should never be tempered in a female because that’s what fuels her passion, causing it to ignite.” He lifted my chin with his hand and stroked his thumb gently across my lips. “All a male can hope for is to be consumed by it until there is nothing left of him.”

 Now onto Justus.................

NAME: Justus De Gradi


GIFTS AS A MAGE: Charmer: Sexual energy radiates from him, acting as a magnet for all women in his presence. It’s a gift he can’t shut off, and only our protagonist is immune. Thermal—able to control his body temperature at will.

CAREER: Works for HALO, an organization of different Breeds working independently from their own laws, sharing information to bring down the most wanted criminals.

HAIR: Short, dark blonde hair that’s kept closely shaved

EYES: Cobalt blue.

BODY: Strong and just over 6’0”. Broad shoulders, powerful legs, large hands, and keeps in shape from routine daily workouts in his personal gym. He believes in discipline in all forms—mind and body.

TATS/MARKS: Tribal art on the right arm, and a tattoo in the center of his back of a sun with lightning as flames. His Creator’s mark is near his navel and looks like a symbol in another language.

PERSONALITY: Serious. Hardheaded. A man with a dry sense of humor, but always does the right thing. Dresses in expensive clothing and while a Mage does not need to tell time, he enjoys wearing designer watches. For Justus, how you present yourself to others and the impression you leave is the most important thing.

HABITS: Strokes his tattooed arm a lot. He may be a messy eater, but if you serve him, be expectant of a big tip.

DRINK OF CHOICE: Fine wines. Sometimes a shot of Tequila.

STATUS: Single

PASSION: Expensive cars.

FLAWS: Despite his gift that draws people to him, Justus is a private man. Doesn’t like to be touched by those who care about him. He enjoys the clubs and the company of women, yet there is a disconnect between him and the modern era.

QUOTE: “Some things do not need us to believe in them. Don’t pursue something with a vengeful heart, or it will destroy you. Hate wraps a cold hand around your heart and hollows you out.”

Of course, now that we've gotten to know Justus better, Simon says to visit Dannika's Blog to get to know him, he is better! Jeez, boys!!!! 

Here are the key chains Dannika is giving away! Winners will receive 1 set (1 Sterling, 1 Twist & 1 Impulse).


  1. Love the key chains, very pretty! Thanks for the cool giveaway!!!

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    I'm extremely happy that you all like/love the key chains! :)

    Yes, this is international!! :)

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