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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Book Review: Oh, Cherry Ripe by Claudy Conn

Oh, Cherry Ripe
By Claudy Conn


Cherry Elton was beside herself! Her own mother had arranged a marriage for her to a man she had never even met. She had no choice but to run away.

Sky Westbrooke had no wish to marry, but his mischievous siblings sorely needed a firm maternal hand. Yet, how could he court his unseen bride, when into his employ had come the most remarkable, enchanting governess?

And Cherry, playing at being a governess was smitten by the handsome, cavalier Lord Westbrooke. His stolen kisses left her breathless—yet, he was betrothed to another. Whatever was a love struck governess to do?

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Viviana's Review
This was the first book I've read from Author, Claudy Conn. It will definitely not be the last. The story developed at a nice pace and it was great, easy read. I started and couldn't put it down until I finished. There were moments with humor, others that were heartwarming and oh yeah, sexy ones too!!

The heroine is smart, sassy, and independent, a bit unusual for a historical romance, which is why I LOVED it! The chemistry and tension, between Cherry, our heroine and Skylar (Sky), our hero, is perfect. Cherry is struggling with many things; society’s views on women, what is proper and fair, her stepmother is trying to marrying her off to a complete stranger, her need to find purpose in her life and now fighting not only her physical desires but her heart’s desire for Lord Skylar, her employer. She has grown to love the kids she takes care of and does not which to hurt them with her deceit. How long before her secrets are exposed and hearts will be broken?

Ah Sky!! First, I must say I LOVE the name Skylar! (It’s was on my list of baby names for boys!). Okay, back to Skylar! He’s sexy, intelligent, brooding and loves his family. Unfortunately, though he is trying his best, and his best isn't good enough. He must marry in order to provide his younger siblings with a mother figure. He hopes that by doing so, everything will improve and his siblings will have that much needed care and love. He’s agreed to marry a woman he has never met. He’s been burned by “love” before and believes that a marriage of convenience would be better suited for him. However, after meeting Cherry under interesting circumstances on night, and then finding out she is his siblings’ new governess, he is having second thoughts on his initial proposal to the stranger but his responsibility to his siblings is more important than his own wants and desires.

Claudy did a fantastic job of creating a story and characters you end of caring about and wanting to know more about them.

Go grab your copy of “Oh, Cherry Ripe” now! Its FREE!!

Rating: 3.5 - Really, Really Like It