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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Book Review: Ready & Willing by Selena Blake

Ready & Willing
By Selena Blake


Ava Garnier wants her father’s spot when he retires as Pack Alpha. She may be the middle child but she has what it takes to lead. The only thing standing in her way is Kaden Black, Pack Beta and her long time crush.

Only, she’s not crushing on him anymore. Not since he made it known that he isn’t going let her take over the pack. Neither werewolf will budge, tensions are running high, and they’re both trying to outdo each other.

But the Pack Alpha has already chosen the future path of the pack. And neither Ava or Kaden has a clue to how far they will have go to see their dream come true.

Available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Viviana's Review: 

A friend of mine who is just as much of a “Book-a-holic” as I am, if not more (gasp, can that even be?) posted a comment on the author’s fanpage which caught my attention. It included the following “He does GROWWWWWL when he…. you know”. If that doesn’t get your attention, than I don’t know what will. So a few posts back and forth, I got the name of the book and began to look up the author, Selena Blake. It turns out that “Ready & Willing” is a free book for members of her site! Originally, she was posting each chapter on her blog, but now you can purchase the entire book online!

Two individuals going after the head position of leader of the pack. Both have valid reasons as to why they should be the Alpha. They must learn to work together and to trust each other. The tension that Selena creates between Ava and Kaden drives the story forward, capturing you at every page. The heat Ava and Kaden exude, wow, hot!! Then add Kaden’s good looks and smooth lines, you’ll swoon!!

Selena has a smooth writing style that sucks you into the story. The characters are filled with emotions, depth, and leave you wanting to know them better. Though this was a quick read, you got a full story. Never did I feel like it was being rushed, or something was missing.

Rating: 4 Stars - Loved It

Review originally posted at Reading Between the Wines Book Club

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