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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Book Review: The Lost by Caridad Piñeiro

The Lost
(Sin Hunters #1)
By Caridad Piñeiro


Adam Bruno is no ordinary millionaire. The heir to an ancient race possessing a dark, powerful magic, he can shapeshift and create energy. His gifts make him a living weapon and have forced him to live in seclusion. But now an inhuman force hunts down Adam-just when he finds someone who makes him feel more human than he ever imagined possible . . . 

Home from combat in Iraq, Bobbie Carerra wants only peace, yet soon joins Adam in a terrifying battle against paranormal enemies who hide in plain sight. She's drawn to his strength of mind and body; he's attracted to her courage and intoxicating energy. Their scorching passion can either transport them to the heights of ecstasy or-if Adam's powers rage out of control-destroy them. But when an invisible brotherhood tightens its nets and someone Adam trusts betrays him, only a heartrending decision can save them.

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Viviana's Review: 

As it’s the first book in the series, the ‘world setup’ had to occur with plenty of information to try to soak up. However, you’re not bombarded with all the information at once as the author has strategically calculated the release of information throughout the book and has made it part of the story as both the Hero and Heroine learn who they truly are and how they fit into this new world.

Let’s begin with our Heroine as the author deserves a round of applause for creating such a strong, independent, and likable character! Bobbie is a decorated war hero who was injured in the line of duty and not only has suffered through the loss of her team, but the loss of part of herself. In her eyes, she will no longer be normal and her dream of a white picket fence with a husband and kids will not be occurring. However, she doesn’t wallow in self-pity. She has her moment of breaking down, when the stress of it all and the reality that her initial dreams as she saw them will not be coming true hit her, but then that moment passes  and she takes a deep breath and moves forward with her life. She accepts her new life and knows life is short! It was awesome to read this book and not have to roll my eyes at a whiny, weak minded heroine. THANK YOU Caridad!! With this being said, she’s still 100% woman, who can kick the bad guys ass!! Bobbie has been through a lot, but like a strong woman, she will not allow situations or circumstances to dictate her life!

Our Hero, Adam, well let’s see:
Gorgeous = check
Has Money = check
Smart = check
Mysterious = check
Flaws = check

With Adam, we have the classic hero; however he and his story are far from the traditional paranormal romance genre. Without providing spoilers, Adam doesn’t remember his past. He knows something tragic occurred to him and his family when he was around 5 or 6 years old, but has no idea what that is or who he is. Hiss adopted father has been his one constant and someone who has been there for him regardless of the fact that he isn’t ‘normal’.  This is where I said that Caridad strategically places what we learn throughout the book; we learn as the characters do. Adam struggles to understand who or what he is and has dedicated his entire life to trying to figure that out.

Though we usually fall for our heroes, even though they are usually conceited, smartasses, semi-untamable, Adam isn’t like that at all. He is smart, extremely business savvy which has lead him to be a millionaire, and he is pretty down to earth. Yes, he secludes himself and is mysterious, but it isn’t because he believes people will only like him for his money, but rather his concern is that he will hurt them with his powers.  No worries, he definitely has the Alpha quality, but chooses to use it when necessary.

The story line of the “Light Hunters” and the “Shadow Hunters” has the classic concept of good vs. bad but the story itself is intriguing! An ancient civilization which spawned a new breed of humans that now live among us in secret and must feed off of energy in order to survive. The continued struggle for that energy source, the need for the clans to remain a secret to humans and the war between light and dark drive the story forward.

I really enjoyed the new twist to a genre that can be saturated with extremely similar concepts and ideas.  Looking forward to seeing the story and characters evolve in the next installment of the series “The Claimed”.

Rating: 3 Stars - Really Liked It

Review was originally posted at Reading Between the Wines Book Club

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