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Blog Tour & Excerpt: Needing To Love You by Erin Rylie

Today we have the blog tour for Erin Rylie’s 
Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!


Author: Erin Rylie

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Carlos Ramirez has always prided himself on two things: being damn good at his job on the Houston police force and being able to land any woman he wants. When a devastating car accident leaves him crippled and in excruciating pain, he begins to rely too heavily on his prescription painkillers. The only person who can help him heal is the only woman who has ever rejected him—and on more than one occasion. Living with Kelsey while he works through physical therapy wasn’t anything he ever expected to happen, but it might just be what he needs. After a divorce that left her doubting her ability to love, Kelsey Byrne wants nothing to do with relationships. Unfortunately for her, the only man she could see herself loving needs a place to live and help while he recovers. She had a hard time pushing him away after a one-night stand, so how can she possibly keep him at arm’s length when he’s in her house every day, playing with her son, cooking her meals, and leaving her cute notes every morning? Carlos may be working his way into her heart one sweet gesture at a time, but can she give him everything knowing that she’s more than a little broken inside?


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She leaned across the table, well aware that her shirt gaped when she did so. She could tell from the tightness of his expression that he was struggling not to look down her shirt, still trying to maintain the charade that he was a gentleman.
Kelsey pitched her voice low so that nobody else would overhear what she said but Carlos. “Would a gentleman go down on me in the kitchen?”
Carlos grinned. “Absolutely, that sounds like a very gentlemanly thing to do.” He winked at her, still managing to keep his gaze on her face when she knew he wanted to look down.
“Well, I can tell you want to look down my shirt. Trying to get a good look at my tits? What are you thinking about doing to them right now?”
The smile slid from his face and his eyes blazed with lust. He coughed and took a sip of the water she hadn’t even noticed a server pouring. “I’m not thinking about them, actually. I’m thinking about…um…baseball?” Carlos’s voice rose at the end, making his intended statement a question.
Poor guy. Kelsey knew that she was torturing him needlessly. “Just go ahead and look. I know you want to.”
Carlos eyed her suspiciously. “You won’t call me a pig?”
“Nope,” she replied, popping the “p.”
Before the word had entirely left her lips, Carlos had propped his elbows up on the table, rested his face in his hands, and was staring at her breasts with open adoration. He let out an audible sigh and just stared.
Their waiter chose that exact moment to walk over, clearing his throat awkwardly. “Sorry to um, interrupt, but did y’all want to order anything to drink besides water?”
“Not now, buddy. In the middle of something,” Carlos replied, not moving an inch, his eyes locked on her cleavage.
Kelsey sighed and looked at the waiter. The poor guy was clearly uncomfortable, torn between doing his job and running the hell away. “Sorry about him, I can’t take him anywhere, really. We would love a bottle of Malbec; which do you recommend?”
The waiter stuttered out a recommendation, which Kelsey accepted, and hurried off to get their bottle and some glasses.
“Are you proud of yourself? You’ve traumatized the wait staff. Next, the manager will come over and ask us to leave.”
Carlos waved his hand in the air as if the prospect of being thrown out of a fine-dining restaurant was of no consequence. “I’m a cop, they won’t throw me out.”
“Wow, so you use your power for evil?”
“No, definitely not. But I will absolutely use my power to get me more time with your breasts. I’m a boob man, remember?”
“I thought you were an ass man?”
“On you, I like it all.”
Kelsey leaned back in her seat and adjusted her shirt, hiding her cleavage from his view. Carlos put on his best hurt look.
“Bye ladies, I’ll miss you.”
She rolled her eyes, but couldn’t fight her smile. He was the most ridiculous man that she’d ever met. It was probably one of her favorite things about Carlos, actually. He didn’t give a shit what other people thought of him. He was always, unabashedly himself, no matter the situation or setting.
The waiter returned, looking relieved to see that Carlos was no longer openly gawking at Kelsey’s boobs, and poured their wine before taking their dinner order.
As they waited for their food, they slipped into an easy conversation, talking about work, Carlos’s physical therapy, and of course James. The clear affection Carlos had for her son warmed her heart. The two of them were definitely buddies. They frequently played a game they’d invented called “Zoo Keeper,” and Carlos had recently ordered a slew of board games for them to all play together. They actually had a board-game night planned for Sunday when Kyle brought James home.
All of Kelsey’s usual reticence disappeared when she was in the presence of Carlos. All of her relationship fears fled, chased away by the ease of their conversation, by the occasional heat in his eyes that did things to her body. It was the reason she’d been avoiding him in recent weeks—he was irresistible to her and she needed to remember why she avoided relationships. She was broken, and he deserved better. He deserved someone who could love and cherish him for the rest of their lives. She didn’t know that she could ever be that person for anyone, but damn, Carlos made her want to try.
Before long, the sun began to set, pulling Kelsey’s attention from their conversation. The light outside turned orange, bathing downtown Houston in a warm glow that took her breath away. She didn’t know that she’d ever truly appreciated the beauty of her city until now.
“Wow,” she breathed. “This view is breathtaking, Carlos.”
She glanced over to find him gazing at her, the open affection in his expression taking her by surprise. “Yes, it is.”
“Nope, no sir. You take that back. You will not use some cheesy movie line on me on our first date. Try again, please.”
Carlos laughed and nodded. “I meant it, but fair enough. Okay, let me dig in the vault and pull out some of my best lines. How about this one—I lost my rubber ducky, can I bathe with you instead?”
She chuckled and shook her head. “Try again.”
“Is your name winter? Because you’ll be coming soon.”
“Oh my God, no!”
“Your breasts remind me of Mount Rushmore, my face should be among them.”
Kelsey shook her head, her body quaking with laughter.
“The FBI wants to steal my penis. Can I hide it inside you?”
“Carlos! These are just getting worse.”
He looked thoughtful for a few moments before a wolfish expression crossed his face. “Okay, I’ve got it, I have THE pickup line. This one is definitely going to get me laid tonight.”
“Doubtful, but let’s hear it.”
“If it’s true that we are what we eat, I could be you by morning.”
Kelsey laughed so hard she was wiping tears from her eyes, and her cheeks hurt from the wide smile on her face. Before she could respond, the smile dropped from Carlos’s expression, his handsome face serious.
“I’ll try one more, deal?”
She nodded, unsure what to expect.

“This has already been the best date I’ve ever been on. I’ve been waiting all my life to meet a woman like you—you’re smart, funny, and full of fire. Even if this is all you can ever give me, this right here, this night with you? It will be something I cherish for the rest of my life.”


About Erin:

I'm a Montana born, Texas raised New Jersey transplant with a degree in hospitality. At 29 years old, I decided it was finally time for me to pursue my real passion in life - writing. I've been writing princess stories and LOTR fan-fiction since I was in middle school, so the transition into romance has been fun! When I'm not writing, I'm reading (fantasy, sci-fi and romance are my genres) or working. I'm currently obsessed with Brooklyn Nine Nine which should tell you all you need to know about my sense of humor. Finally, I am 100% an old cat lady. My cats Socks and Kaz are little weirdos and I love them more than most people.

Connect with Erin:

Instagram | Facebook | Newsletter | Website | Amazon Author | Goodreads | Amazon

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Audiobook Review: Gimme Some Sugar By Molly Harper

Gimme Some Sugar 
(Southern Eclectic #3)
By Molly Harper
Narrated byAmanda Ronconi

Lucy Brewer would never have guessed that her best friend, Duffy McCready (of McCready’s Bait Shop & Funeral Home) has been in love with her since they were kids. Fear of rejection and his own romantic complications prevented Duffy from confessing his true feelings in high school, so he stood by and watched her wed Wayne Bowman right after high school. Wayne had always been a cheapskate, so it comes as no surprise when he suffers a fatal accident while fixing his own truck.

Even as her family and friends invade Lucy’s life and insist that the new widow is too fragile to do much beyond weeping, Lucy is ashamed to admit that life without Wayne is easier, less complicated. After all, no one knew what a relentless, soul-grinding trudge marriage to Wayne had been. Only Duffy can tell she’s hiding something.

In need of a fresh start, Lucy asks Duffy to put his cabinet-building skills to use, transforming the town's meat shop into a bake shop. As the bakery takes shape, Lucy and Duffy discover the spark that pulled them together so many years ago. Could this finally be the second chance he’s always hoped for?

Once again Molly Harper “writes characters you can’t help but fall in love with” (RT Book Reviews) in this charming and entertaining love story.

Available for purchase at

Viviana's Review:
OMG This series needs to be made into a movie and/or TV show!! Seriously!! Between the great mixture of humor and romance, you have a fantastic supporting cast of characters that literally make you want to move to Lake Sackett, GA and become friends with the entire McCready clan!!

I stayed up til 2AM to finish listening to this story because I wanted to know what came next! However, you end up also falling for the characters and you don't want it to end and you can't put it down!

I've been hoping that Duffy would get his own book! I was so happy to see glimpses of the potential story to come while listening to "A Few Pecans Short of a Pie (Southern Eclectic #2.5)" and when the blurb for "Gimme Some Sugar" was released... woohooo!!

GIMME SOME SUGAR is full of the great characters we've have come to love in Molly Harper's stories! Add a sprinkling of humor, a dash of sass and a great helping of wonderful storytelling and you have this delicious creation that is the Southern Electric Series. 

Oh... and some of the sayings!!! LOVE them!!! Need to start writing them down!!

I love Amanda Ronconi and her performance is great!!! I will say that GIMME SOME SUGAR would have been phenomenal if it was performed as a duet with a male narrator! Especially since Duffy has such a large part in this story! 

Overall, this series continues to rock and leaves you wanting more!! What would be even better? If this series was made into movies and/or tv series! Hey PassionFlix, I'm talking to you!!! 

Rating: 4.5 Stars - I REALLY LOVED IT

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this audiobook from the Audible in exchange for an honest review. This review is my own opinion and not a paid review. 

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Audiobook Review: A Few Pecans Short Of A Pie by Molly Harper

A Few Pecans Short of a Pie
(Southern Eclectic Book 5)
By Molly Harper
Narrated by Amanda Ronconi 

Sexy school principal Kyle faces the biggest challenge of his career: getting his (pregnant) event planner girlfriend Margot down the aisle before the baby arrives!

Fans first fell in love with big city event planner Margot in the first Southern Eclectic novel, Sweet Tea and Sympathy, as she discovered a long-lost branch of her family - the McCreadys, of McCready's Bait Shop & Funeral Home.

To Margot's surprise, she's taken a liking to life in small-town Georgia...helped along by a romance with the hot elementary school principal. The two of them have been taking it slow - or they were until Margot gets pregnant. Kyle wants to make an honest woman of her, but Margot's still trying to proceed with caution. After all, she was the best event planner in Chicago before she ever came to Lake Sackett. Her wedding has to be perfect, and perfect includes not having the baby halfway down the aisle.

With her trademark witty prose and warmhearted storytelling, Molly Harper's newest glimpse of the McCready family will be perfect for fans of Christina Lauren and Amy E. Reichert.

Available for purchase at 

Audible | Kindle | iTunes | Kobo

Viviana's Review:
Love it when authors give readers more! This novella is just that! More of Margot, the McCready clan and overall goodness that is THE SOUTHERN ECLECTIC Series!! 

There are lots of laughs and moments of sweetness. Just plan fun overall!

This is a great continuation of Margot's & Kyle's story and a fantastic glimpse of the next book where Duffy is the hero!! Woohooo!

Rating: 4.5 Stars - I REALLY LOVED IT

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this audiobook from the Audible in exchange for an honest review. This review is my own opinion and not a paid review.

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Audiobook Excerpt: Rogue Wave by J. Bengtsson

I love the CAKE Series and I cannot wait to listen to ROGUE WAVE, bk 5 in the series!

The audiobook release April 23, 2019!
Pre-order links coming soon!!

Below are three samples of the upcoming audiobook for you to check out!!

Rogue Wave
(The Cake Series, Bk #5)
by J. Bengtsson
Narrated by Andi Arndt and Alexander Kydd


A love story that survives the test of time.

Keith McKallister is the king of the stoners. You know the type. Every school has one – the hot, fun, dopey guy beloved by the student body but despised by, well, just about everyone else. He spends his early mornings in the ocean and his days trying to get to class on time. Life is as easy as it gets until one poor choice too many catches up with him and he’s forced to reevaluate his path. 

Samantha Anderson sits in the front row. You know the type. Every school has one – the quiet, faceless, studious girl who fears the taunts of her peers and fades into the background. Life has never been simple for Samantha, and it’s about to get a little more complicated when Keith slides into the seat beside her with a partnership plan designed for his benefit only. But what Keith brings to the table is more than either of them could imagine. 

Sometimes the person you least expect to make a difference will change your life forever. Sometimes the person you love the most might be better off without you.

*Although a part of the Cake Series, this book can be read as a standalone. 

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Cover Reveal: Moonstruck by Dannika Dark

(Crossbreed Series, Bk 7)
by Dannika Dark


Transporting goods is part of the job, but when Keystone accepts the daunting task of moving precious cargo, the team splits up. Raven has orders to follow, but Christian’s seductive ways draw out her violent soul. Their journey is dangerous, their enemies ruthless, and one misstep could prove fatal.

When one team member mysteriously vanishes, the rest must choose between cutting their losses in the face of chaos or seeing it through to the bitter end. Will Keystone have the fortitude to complete the mission, or will they fall like dominoes?

Evil forces are at play in this spellbinding continuation of the Crossbreed series.

Pre-Order at iTunes

Release Date:
June 25, 2019

Audiobook lovers!! 
Great news!!! MOONSTRUCK will be available in audio. 
Release date will be shared soon!!!

(Crossbreed Series Book 1)

Available purchase at 

(Crossbreed Series, Bk #2)

Available purchase at 

Kindle | Amazon (Paperback) | Audible | iTunes | Nook | B&N | Kobo | Tantor

(Crossbreed Series, Bk #3)

Available for purchase at

Kindle | Amazon (Paperback) | Audible | iTunes | Nook | B&N | Kobo | Tantor

(Crossbreed Series, Bk #4)

Available for purchase at 

(Crossbreed Series, Bk #5)

Available to purchase at

(Crossbreed Series, Bk #6)

Available for Pre-order at 

About the Author

Dannika Dark is the USA Today Bestselling Author of Urban Fantasy Romance and Paranormal Romance books. Her books have sold more than 2 million copies worldwide, and she is a 2016 Audie Awards finalist. In addition to writing about supernatural worlds, Dannika is passionate about graphic design and creates all her own covers and series art. When not writing in her cave, she enjoys indie music, reading, Netflix, heaps of chocolate, and unleashing her dark side. 

You can find Dannika at 

To receive exclusive content and be the first to know about upcoming releases, please sign up to her newsletter. 

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