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Friday, June 30, 2017

Audiobook Lovin 2017 Presents: Sebastian York Audio Interview

I'm thrilled to be able to share with you our interview with Narrator Sebastian York!  I had a blast chatting with him on several different topics and we hope you'll enjoy listening to it as well! Once you've listened, please scroll down to check out some of his audio clips from the books he has narrated. I've listened to all of them except for THE FIRST TASTE. 
You can also click here to read last year's interview with Sebastian. 

Huge Congratulations for winning the 2016 Audie Award for Best Erotica

by CD Reiss

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Audio Clips

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In case you missed the post "We said we'd listen to anything......." you can listen to Sebastian's 'word" contribution below! 

About The Narrator

Born in Tunbridge Wells, England, Sebastian York spent much of his youth as a military brat throughout Europe, Asia, and the US, which spurred a very adventurous sense for travel and faraway places. When not narrating or traveling, he flies helicopters, collects rare Mongolian artifacts, and dreams of one day acquiring a Sommelier Master certification or hosting a late-night radio program entitled We're So Wet. He lives in New York City.

You can find Sebastian at

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Audiobook Lovin 2017 Presents: Noah Michael Levine Guest Post

Hi Everyone! 
So excited to have with us today Narrator Noah Michael Levine! 

That was AWESOME!!! I just love how he said my name... .and he knew it too! Hahahahah
Below are some audio clips from the books Noah has narrated. Once you've checked them out, keep scrolling.... trust me..... you'll want to see what's next!! 

Audio Clips

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I learned that there were some funny, share worthy outtakes of two of the books that Noah has co-narrated with the awesome Erin deWard. Found them here they are! Oh.... They are NOT, I repeat... NSFW!
Listen and then keep scrolling.... more fun down below! 

About The Narrator

Noah Michael Levine is an Audie Award-Winning narrator, audiobook producer and author.  He has over 225 titles available on Audible – spanning a wide variety of genre’s from history, psychology, science and philosophy to thrillers, comedies, fantasies and lots and lots of romance and erotica.  His first book, The Audiobook Book, co-authored with Renea Mason and Erin deWard was released in January and he is working on his first novel (praying he can actually, someday finish it!)  When not devoting his time to audiobooks and books, he adores his town of Nyack, spending time in the kitchen creating new ways to tantalize taste buds and training his cat, Max, to be more like a cat and less like a … well, no one is quite sure what he REALLY is.  But he’s wicked cute.

You can find Noah at

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Audiobook Lovin 2017 Presents: Alexander Cendese Spotlight

Hi Everyone! 

Today we're spotlighting Narrator Alexander Cendese! Below you can listen to some of his upcoming and latest narrations including J.R. Ward's DEVIL'S CUT which releases on August 1, 2017.

You can listen to our interview from the Audible Lovin 2016 by clicking here! That interview was fun and lots of great info was shared! 

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Audiobook Lovin 2017 Presents: Santino Hassell Interview

Hi everyone and welcome to Audiobook Lovin, presented by Books-n-Kisses and Viviana, Enchantress of Books. We’re excited to have author Santino Hassell with us here today! 

Viviana: First, we wanted to take a minute and say CONGRATULATIONS on the RITA AWARD nomination (category: Contemporary Romance: Mid-Length) for “Fast Connection” which you co-wrote with Megan Erickson! 

Santino: Thank you so much! It was an honor and a surprise, and we pretty much jumped up and down and shouted at each other in excitement after getting the calls. 😊 

Audiobook Love 2017 Presents: Summer Roberts Guest Post

Thrilled to have Narrator Summer Roberts with us today sharing her Top 5 Reasons Why Being a Narrator ROCKS!!!! 

My Top 5 Reasons Why Being a Narrator ROCKS! 

I’m going to work backwards! Let the countdown begin!

5) You get to read books you might not have read if you weren’t narrating them, and explore different genres and topics.

Audiobook Lovin 2017 Presents: Andi Arndt Spotlight Feature

Hi Everyone! Today I wanted to RAVE all about Narrator Andi Arndt! I got to meet her in person at the 2017 RT Booklovers Convention along with several of her fellow narrators from the ROMANCE NARRATORS group! She was AWESOME and soooo nice!! I've listened to several audiobook narrated by Andi and she is consistent in her performances and brings life to characters. She has the ability to make a good book GREAT via her narration. 

Huge Congratulations for winning the 2016 Audie Award for Best Erotica

by CD Reiss

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So this is a funny one and I love her laugh!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Audiobook Lovin 2017 Presents: Felicia, The Geeky Blogger

Hi everyone! We've all gotten that look of "What are you talking about" when we, a book lover, speaks to a not so book lover. They just don't get us! Which is why when yo do get to chat with a friend who is also a book lover, time goes by so fast and more than an hour is recorded! LOL

I had the pleasure of meeting Felicia in person at this year's RT Book Lovers Convention as we were both part of the "How To Find Your Listening Audience" with Karen White (narrator), Michelle Cobb (AudioFile Magazine & Insatiable Press). I loved being part of the panel and getting to hang out with Felicia. So of course I immediately thought of her when I was thinking it would be a great idea to chat with a fellow blogger and audiobook lover which you can listen below. I've also included some of Felicia's favorites that we think you'll want to check out! 

Audiobook Lovin 2017 Presents: Top 5 Favorite Things About Being An Audiobook Narrator - Full Cast

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Audiobook Lovin 2017! Books-n-Kisses and I have had a blast sharing these awesome audiobooks, authors and narrators with you.
Today we have a FULL CAST of narrators with us sharing their Top Five Favorite Things About Being An Audiobook Narrator!!

We wanted to say a special THANK YOU to Narrator Karen White for not only being a fabulous narrator, person and our guest but for taking the time to records these wonderful videos for today's post!

That was awesome!
I'm hoping to be able to attend one day! In the mean time, I will enjoy the narrators and the stories!

Audiobook Lovin 2017 Presents: Robert Petkoff Guest Post

We love learning what the narrators love about their jobs!
Today we have Narrator Robert Petkoff sharing his top 5 favorite things about being an audiobook narrator!

Just a short sample of Robert's voice over work!
Do you recognize him from any commercials? 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Audiobook Lovin' 2017: Robyn Peterman Guest Post

Hi Everyone! We're so excited to have Author Robyn Peterman with us today sharing her audiobooks! Scroll below to learn more, listen to sound clips of her audiobooks and enter the giveaway. 


Okay, I loved them, but I didn’t have any for my series… yet.

Audiobook Lovin 2017 Presents: Julie Ann Walker Interview

What an adventure was had when interviewing Author Julie Ann Walker. Love her and completely appreciate her flexibility regarding venues. We hope you enjoy the interview! 

Below are some audio clips from her previous releases and information about her upcoming release! 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Audiobook Lovin 2017 Presents: Angela Dawe Interview

Today we get to share with you our interview with Narrator Angela Dawe. 
It was so much fun! We adore her and we hope you will too! 

Below are some audio clips for you to check out and fall totally for Angela!
She truly does a phenomenal job and brings these characters to life. I'm currently listening to SILVER SILENCE and wow!!! LOVING IT!!!  Don't forget to enter the giveaways! 

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Audiobook Lovin 2017 Presents: Dannika Dark Spotlight Feature

Hi Everyone!
I wanted to do a feature on Dannika Dark as I not only do I love her books but her audiobooks are phenomenal! Her books are narrated by Nicole Poole and I adore her! Both have been our guest since our first Audiobook Lovin 2015 and we are extremely appreciative and thankful! I had the pleasure of chatting with Nicole for this year's Audiobook Lovin', click here to listen and learn more about Nicole! 

Dannika has a new series CROSSBREED and I have enjoyed getting to know the new characters and a certain vampire that was all about his privacy and came off a bit aloof when we first met him in the MAGERI SERIES. No worries, if you have yet to read the MAGERI Series series, you can start with this series and then work your way to the MAGERI Series! 

What I LOVE about Dannika's books is that while they are all in the same WORLD, each series and each book is uniquely different! There is also a little bit of everything for everyone. 


(Crossbreed Series, Bk #2)
By Dannika Dark


Two weeks after joining Keystone, Raven Black is ready to take on the world as a criminal hunter for hire. If only her partner wasn’t a bloodsucking Vampire with a penchant for getting under her skin. Despite her lavish surroundings, Raven misses the freedom of life without rules. And Keystone’s next assignment is about to test her self-control in more ways than one. 

Dead bodies are popping up in the human district, and all signs point to a Breed serial killer. In order to catch him, Raven and Christian embark on a mission that takes their partnership into uncharted waters. Lives are at stake. Can Raven trust her instincts, or will she fall into a web spun from lies and deceit?

Time is running out in this pulse-pounding tale of dark secrets, murder, and forbidden desires.

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Audiobook Lovin 2017 Presents: Nelson Hobbs - Spotlight

Hi Everyone! Today we're are spotlighting Narrator Nelson Hobbs!
Below are a few audio clips for you to check out. Let us know what you think and if you've listened to his narrations which one you recommend.
Don't forget to enter the giveaway! 

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Audiobook Lovin 2017 Presents: Sean Crisden Interview

Hi!! We're thrilled to have Narrator Sean Crisden with us today! I had the honor of chatting with Sean and had lots of fun!! Click on the widget below to listen to our chat and then check out some of the audio clips from his work and
don't forget to enter the giveaway!

Audio Clips

Audiobook Lovin Presents 2017: Molly E. Lee Interview & Giveaway

Excited to have Author Molly E. Lee with us today!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Audiobook Lovin 2017Presents: Heather Killough-Walden Guest Post

Please welcome Author Heather Killough-Walden to Audiobook Lovin! 

Five Secrets about Heather Killough-Walden’s Books
(that she’s going to let you in on right now)

1.     The sexiest character I’ve ever written exists, not in one of my romance novels, but in the romantic thriller: Hell Bent. The connection between the assassin, Jack Thane, and the woman he loves, Annabelle Drake, has been heralded by Hell Bent readers as the most intense they’ve ever read.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Audio Book Lovin' 2017 Presents: Nicole Poole Interview

Hi Everyone! 
I had the pleasure of chatting with Narrator Nicole Poole and it was a blast! 

Here is a phenomenal clip that showcases Nicole's range, gift and talent!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Audiobook Lovin' 2017 Presents: Kristen Ashley Feature & Giveaway

When you give an author a new middle name, you know they ROCK!
Kristen "OMG She Rocks" Ashley or Kristen "Freaking Awesome" Ashley, either one works, but regardless of the middle name you give her, Kristen Ashley delivers a great story and when those great stories get paired with narrators that not only are great voices but performers, then it becomes MAGIC! 

I have loved all the books I've read/listened to by Kristen Ashley and COMPLICATED is among them! When I first learned Kristen was doing an exclusive story for Audible I was all giddy because, well, this is KRISTEN ASHLEY! Kristen is a truly gifted story teller! The Narrators ROCKED! You can read my full review here. Below is an audio clip for you to listen and fall for! WARNING, you'll be left wanting more! COMPLICATED was the first time I listened to anything narrated by Lance and I quickly started looking up all the books he's narrated and adding them to my TBR list.

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Audiobook Lovin' 2017 Presents: Jessica Clare - Guest Post

Hi Everyone and happy Friday!!
Today we have Author Jessica Clare sharing her Top 10 Audiobooks! We've include the links to each of the her favorites along with several audio clips for you to check out! Once you've viewed and listened, remember to enter the giveaway!

In honor of Audiobook Lovin 2017, I thought I’d throw together my Top 10 Audio series. When I read on the Kindle, I just grab the first thing I find on there (normally romance). When I listen to an audiobook, there’s a whole nexus of things I look for in a ‘perfect’ audio listen. It’s got to have that sweet spot of ‘narrator’ plus ‘story’ plus ‘excitement’. We’ve all had the audiobook that was so monotone that it puts you to sleep instead of listening to it (amirite?) so here are my favorite audio ‘reads’ and ones that I’ve listened to more than once!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Audiobook Lovin' 2017 Presents: Lauren Blakely's Top 5 Favorite Reasons She Loves Audiobooks

Please welcome the fabulous Author Lauren Blakely to Audiobook Lovin!!

Lauren, THANK YOU so much for being our guest!! 
LOVE your books and the narrators do such 
a phenomenal job!

Friends, below are a few audio clips from Lauren's books! 
I've read them and they are awesome!! 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Audiobook Lovin 2017 Presents: Iggy Toma

Hi everyone! 
Excited to have Narrator Iggy Toma with us again for this year's Audiobook Lovin! 

We hope you enjoyed the interview! Below are some samples of Iggy's work 
for you to check out. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Audiobook Lovin' 2017 Presents: Lili Valente - Guest Post

Today we have a treat! 
Author and Narrator Lili Valente share with us what it is like to wear both hats! 

Thank you Lili for being our guest!

Friends, please check out some audio clips below 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Audiobook Lovin' 2017 Presents: 1001 Dark Nights

Hi Everyone! Today we're spotlighting
 1001 Dark Nights 
a collection of individual novellas by a variety of authors!
What we love about 1001 Dark Nights is that its a fantastic opportunity to discover new authors or check out a genre you haven't read before! Each story is a standalone! Though the characters or the "world" may be part of a series that is already published you will have no issues jumping right in and enjoying the story. In fact, in most cases you will run over to the author's website and dive straight into the rabbit hole that are their books! It's a good thing, trust me! 

Learn more about 1001 Dark Nights by clicking here

Their latest release is 

Friday, June 9, 2017

Audiobook Lovin' 2017 Presents: Aprilynne Pike - Guest Post

Welcome Aprilynne Pike to Audiobook Lovin! 
Both my niece and daughter love Aprilynne's books and are so happy she is a guest this year! 

I’ve always loved audiobooks. When I was in college, I would get them from the library when I went on long drives. And considering I was a ten-hour drive from my parents’ house, that happened fairly frequently. But in the last few years, as I’ve become an author with both deadlines and children, they’ve become vital. I’ve discovered that I need words the way most people need food—multiple times a day. Audiobooks have become, for me, the equivalent of those cell phone headset things that people have in their cars. A way for me to read hands-free. Without them, I simply wouldn’t get a chance to read as much as my creative brain needs me to. (I never get to read as much as I *want* to, but I’m not actually convinced such a thing is possible.:)) I’m pretty much constantly found with earbuds in, listening to what I’m sure people think is music … but no, it’s stories! Here are my Top Five best times to listen to books:

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Audiobook Lovin' 2017 Presents: Lorelei King's Top 5 Reasons Why Being An Audiobook Narrator ROCKS

We are thrilled to have Narrator Lorelei King with us today! 

She is awesome, right? We LOVE her and are extremely honored that she has been a guest of ours since we first launched in 2015! Below are three audio clips for you to check out!! 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Audiobook Lovin' 2017 Presents: Gabra Zackman's Top 5 Favorite Things About Being a Narrator

We are delighted to have Narrator Gabra Zackman with us today as she 
shares with us her 
Top 5 Favorite Things About Being An Audiobook Narrator!

Below are some samples of the books Gabra has narrator recently!
Click to listen and then scroll down to learn more about Gabra and enter the giveaway! 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Audiobook Lovin 2017 Presents: We said we'd listen to anything.......

When we say we'd listen to ANYTHING from our favorite narrators, we tend to mean that we'll auto buy the book regardless of genre or author. This is a wonderful thing as it leads to discovering new authors as well as genres we never thought we'd like or want to read. Then again, I know many have said (including me) that they'd hand over the yellow pages to "insert your favorite narrator here" so we can listen to them and their voice. Well, last year, Audible took us, the loyal and audiobook loving audience at our word! They created the "Excerpts from The Encyclopaedia Britannica: A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature and General Information, Eleventh Edition" with some of our favorite, "Must Listen To" narrators. Oh I'm sure Audible Studios had a BLAST with this! Go grab your copy at Audible, it's free! Worth the listen because the narrators, all true professionals, ROCKED IT!!! Listen to the two samples below and lets reconnect in a few...  

Excerpts from The Encyclopaedia Britannica: A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature and General Information, Eleventh Edition
Written by: Various
Narrated by: full cast

Length: 13 mins

Prepare yourself for the ultimate multicast performance. We've gathered many of Audible's most popular narrators to bring to life some of the most extraordinary words ever written. 19 words, in fact, carefully selected and arranged alphabetically as in their original source: the 11th edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica. We created this enlightening journey from AUDIENCE to LITERATURE because you asked for it. You said you could listen to your favorite narrators read the phone book, bookcase assembly instructions, or a restaurant menu. With this production we've proven that a truly talented narrator can, in fact, take any work and make it extraordinary. Enjoy!

The full list of narrators includes:

Monday, June 5, 2017

Audiobook Lovin' 2017 Presents: Sylvain Reynard - Guest Post

Hi Everyone and welcome to Audiobook Lovin 2017, a month long event celebrating Audiobooks, the Authors and the Narrators! 

Thank you, Viviana, for the invitation. It’s a pleasure to be with you and your readers.

I don’t listen to music when I’m writing because I like to hear how the words sound in my head and I find music distracting. But when I’m thinking about the novel or when I’m trying to evoke the mood of a particular scene, I listen to music. Here are a few songs from the playlist of my new book:

La Vie en Rose – Edith Piaf
My new book is set primarily in Paris. No other song evokes the beauty and history of Paris such as this one. Edith Paris was a French treasure.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Audiobook Lovin' 2017 Presents: Audiobooks Here, Audiobooks There, Audiobooks Everywhere!

Day two of  Audiobook Lovin' and we thought we'd chat about where audiobooks are available besides the major vendors, of course! HOWEVER, before we get into that, if you missed Wednesday's post, please make sure to visit & see the list of over 50 authors, narrators and special guests participating in this year's Audiobook Lovin' event! The post also included information on the series and how it will work!  So make sure to visit us BOTH daily!!! Click on our individual buttons (see the pretty ones below) that will take you to our respective post of the day. 

Okay! On with the show!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Audiobook Lovin 2017 Presents: Piper Goodeve Guest Post

Hi Everyone! I'm so excited to have Narrator Piper Goodeve with us today!

When Gabe and I first started dating, I had been doing audiobooks for about six months.  He said he was really interested in getting into narration, being a professional actor himself.  As luck would have it, in 2012 one of the authors I narrated for regularly, the amazing Jasinda Wilder, had a book for me to do that also had chapters in first person male.  She asked if I knew anyone to recommend, and I sent her three names, one of which was Gabe.  She loved his audition and we started doing dual narration books for Jasinda right then.  The dual narration craze took off around that same time, and now we’ve done dozens of dual narration titles for various authors and publishers.  And we are now also married. ☺